Monday, June 16, 2014

The most random letter ever!!

Well thank you all for the emails. I always love hearing from you :).

I didn't even know you were buying a Ukulele - that's pretty cool... I hear they are pretty easy to learn ha-ha. What color is it? Send me a picture!

Sending good luck to my sisters on their final exams! ha-ha. They sound like lots of fun I think. I hope this next week goes good for you both! Love you lots.

I am starting to get those bad stomach cramps as pains again... That really sucks. It's only one more thing to add to my plate lol. My district has been getting sick a lot lately so that's not good either. Oh well I will deal with it I guess.

We went shopping today and got a ton of stuff. I am so glad to be companions with a Filipino because he knows how to use the market properly! ha-ha.

We had a Priesthood leadership meeting at our stake conference this weekend and it was completely focused on missionary work and how to make the ward more effective with inviting, retaining, and reactivating. I think it was really good. Oh and my reactivation/completed family baptism is doing great. The family is super active, they give us referrals, they pay their tithing every month, the dad (my reactivation) is now a Sunday school teacher, and now the mom ( the lady I baptized) is the new second counselor in the primary ha-ha. They are incredible and they have their sights on going to the Temple!

Well, this morning I ate an entire pineapple for breakfast! It was delicious! A guy just wheeled a cart full of giant pineapples by our apartment and because they only cost about $0.50 each, I bought one ha-ha. I have been eating rice every meal for the lasts 2 weeks so it is nice to have some variety with the rice! I would say I hate rice by now, but I have to say it kinda grows on you. It doesn't taste that bad but it does give you a nice fat belly if you don't work out. Lot's of Filipinos here have a really fat belly lol.

Oh and I had a lesson this week and a guy died in it. So that was interesting. I hope that doesn't mean my teaching sucks ha-ha.

Well, I am super grateful for you guys back home. I hope you have a great week and I love you all lots!

Elder Nielson
 Where's Waldo?
 Here he is! And he is gigantic!
Zone Conference

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