Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year!! :)

First off, I am super sorry to Kenzie and Tori for not being able to reply to their emails lately. I try my best to answer everyone's questions but I am not very good at typing fast I guess. (Oh, and mom if you manage to get another package out here you should include a bottle of Bulls Eye BBQ sauce. That would make my day haha.)

Auntie Nikki looks great in the picture you sent!!! Wow, I hope she can keep progressing like that. Tell her that I love her and that I am praying for her.

Grandma is right when she says Parker is going to be the biggest change when I get back. I am super excited for that little guy. Sounds like he is doing really well!

Dad,  I know Sister Waldrum. She is in the district of the Elders that live in my basement.

The New Years fireworks were crazy! And the craziest part was that most of the Filipinos were disappointed with the fireworks this year!

So we have had to grow most of our teaching pool from scratch, which is a good experience but tracting isn't the funnest thing for me or Elder Richards because of how good (sarcasm) our Tagalog is. We are starting to have a decent teaching pool. We have 2 people committed to baptism one of which is a referral named Beverly and the other is a lady we ran into on the street named Michelle. Along with those two, we have about a dozen other investigators we're teaching, or at least trying to get lessons with. Which reminds me, we did a lesson to two less active boys that we have been trying to reactivate and it went really good. I used one of the ideas in the book that Sister Easter gave me and it worked wonders for the lesson. Tell her that I am really grateful.

Lots more pictures and videos to come next week. I just ran out of time cause it takes forever to send photos. Next week I will set up a drop box account, give you the info and that way I can email and send photos at the same time. :) Love you all! Sorry I wasn't able to send a long message this week. It has just been a crazy day. I love you all and always look forward to reading your emails - thanks for all of them!

-Elder Nielson

Here are some pictures!! I will try to send more next week!!  :)

My first Jeepnee ride!! Just a little bit squishy!!

Me and Elder Richards in our matching ties! Aiden and Dexter might like them! :)

Me and Brother Romel (a pretty cool guy!). Here I am eating my first Balut (boiled duck embryo). This is a delicacy in the Philippines. It really wasn't too bad!! :)

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