Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas in January!! Yay!!

I received the Rosemary Ward Christmas package last Tuesday! Thank you everyone!! The balloons served really well as water bombs for the elders downstairs while they were washing their clothes ha-ha. They keep telling me they will get me back but I haven't received any punishment yet. :)Everyone who found out that my ward sends Christmas packages thought it was a great idea and that I had a really great ward. I assured them all that I did! My favorite thing in the package was either the Ferrero Rochet box, the Melaleuca sports drink, or the balloons. Thank you so much for thinking of me at Christmas! It was a nice surprise to open it!!

It finally rained here last night. It hasn't rained since the first day I got to the Mission home. That means that summer is coming up soon. Which also means super hot weather and cheap, fresh mangoes. The weather has still been really mild lately which is super nice for working in. The temperature is slowly rising though, everyday it gets a little hotter.

Mom, the stickers that you sent were a good idea, but as soon as the little kids found out that the elders were giving stickers out, they all wanted gifts and they constantly ask for gifts each time they see me. :)

You asked about a Philippine dessert that you may want to make. Leche Flan is the only dessert that I can think of right now. You should look it up and try to make some. Be careful though, some people say it is hard to make. I also tried quail eggs this week. They were covered in batter and dipped in a sauce. They call it Quick-Quick.

Why am I being so cheap and living on only half of my budget each month? I spend half my budget every month so that I can splurge at the end of my mission! ha-ha. Don't worry about me with money. Just keep a little in my bank account and on my credit card just in case I need to use it.

Why don't I use a laundromat if I dislike hand washing all my clothes? The laundromats are super expensive and way out of budget. I only used one once and that was to get all my sheets washed because they are too hard to wash by hand. It cost way too much and the people who did it didn't even do a very good job with it.

Our investigators are doing awesome! Beverly's baptism is on the 7th of February and we just finished the lessons with her. I invited 4 others to be baptized and they said yes but we haven't picked a date for it yet. Things are going great!

Got to go now! Love you lots!!  :) 

Elder Nielson  
**Okay - so these pictures are a little over do getting on the blog - sorry! Half are from the MTC and the others are in the Philippines! Enjoy!
This is going to be a long flight!
My District at the MTC


 A warm welcome at the San Pablo Mission Home!
My first ride on a Jeepnee!

 Some scenery.
My bathroom - the bucket is my shower (only cold water comes out of that tap) and a real working toilet! Luxury!  :) 
 A pretty cool hike on PDay.
Okay - I think this might be John-John. (CoriAnn speaking) :) He is the young man whose family allowed Erik to use their computer to Skype us at Christmas. Turns out John-John is going to Adelaide, Australia on his mission and he reports to the Provo MTC the same day that Erik's friend Brayden Pitcher reports to the Provo MTC and he is also going to Adelaide Australia on his mission! They will probably be mission companions at some point! Pretty cool - small small world!! On the other hand - I might be wrong - may be someone else! :) The above picture may also be John-John's dad or uncle. 

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