Monday, February 3, 2014

Getting pretty hot here!!

Holy cow! Lots of really long emails this week! ha-ha It took me like 30 minutes to read them all. Don't worry I love them!

It is way to hot here. I can't believe that it is supposed to get hotter then this during March and April.

First off, Beverly passed her baptism interview (which means we must know some Tagalog!) and we will be holding her baptism this Friday. I am super excited for it. The first baptism on a mission seems almost extra special.

I still find it crazy how many people read my blog. I hope it remains at least kind of popular for awhile.

Hey Dad! Thanks for the Fitness program I will try to get it printed off. I am not sure if I will be able to. Maybe try sending in the that package that Mom is preparing. If it is already sent I will try to work something out.

So Kenzie is going to attempt her driver's test? That's great! Tell her to just drive a lot in Brooks. That's all we really did for drivers ED. I hope she passes. When I get back everyone is going to be driving. When will Tori be able to get her learners?

That's great that Kenzie applied to work at Dinosaur Park this summer! The Dinosaur park job is super good. Kenzie will like it no matter where she ends up. I think Devonie is going to try to get care taking if she is still interested in a job down there. The kitchen will be way less stressful now that it is renovated.

I almost wish I was one year younger. That way I could play Basketball on the team this year. Someone should record one of Collins in-game dunks and send it to me. I really hope they will be able to hold on to what they have for the rest of the season. A provincials banner would be really cool.

I really liked hearing about the Family Home Evening/Potluck that the ward did. Out here we are starting a Monday night Family Home Evening thing that brings several families and their friends together to play games and have a short message. I think it will help a lot with us getting referrals and more referrals means more time teaching which also means less time tracting. I am still not a big fan of tracting. We do a fair amount of it because our teaching pool isn't that big but that's ok.

I really hope Brayden gets out of Salt Lake soon. I know of several missionaries who were supposed to go to Brazil, but ended up teaching in Ohio for like 7 months of their mission while they were waiting for their visas to come in.

Well I love you all and I wish I had more time to send some pics but I am not at a very good computer. Don't be afraid to send photos from home to me. I loved that a lot back in the MTC. Anyways good luck with life back home.
I got to go :) love you lots and have a great week. 
Elder Nielson   

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