Monday, February 24, 2014

Gwapo? :)

Wow I just looked at the Color Run site. It looks great. Good job on updating it! I hope you have a great turn-out again this year!

Thanks for sending me pictures! The pretzels look amazing. I can't wait to try some when I get home. You should be an expert pretzel maker by then!

Guess what? You know how they told us that my tungsten CTR ring would never bend like my other one did? Well it didn't bend, but rather it shattered! I will send a picture to you! Maybe you can send me a new one, one day haha.

So you asked that I write about a funny experience or two! ... Well, let's just say that it is really hard to teach girls here. The reason why is cause they all think I am "Pogi" or Gwapo"  and they make sure to tell me that every time they see me. ha-ha! :) We were helping this guy fix his bike late one night but we couldn't because the baring that connected the gears to the tire was broken. Anyways a super drunk guy came out to help him. We couldn't fix it, so the biker starts rolling down the hill and Elder Richards asked the drunk if he had brakes and the drunk says bahala sila which means" it's up to him now" and we couldn't stop laughing. I know its not really funny but it was at the time. :)

I am super glad that Canada is doing well at the Olympics! Thanks for the update!

We met a new investigator this last week that we actually tracted. His name is Joseph. His family is very active in the Catholic Church. He speaks perfect English but has never been out of the Philippines. He claims to have learned English through watching lots of American cartoons as a kid. :) Anyways we were able to teach him in English and invited him to read the Book of Mormon and now he is an incredible investigator. He actually studies the Book of Mormon with the Bible and cross references things in order to answer his own questions. That is what we call a golden investigator. He has been to church 2 times and has a baptism date but the only problem is his family.

Time does fly in the mission field. I feel like I just got off the plane but in reality I have been here for over 2 months now haha. We do a fair amount of service, - for example, we helped to build a new bathroom for a very poor member.

Batangas is probably the safest place in the Philippines for storms so when the Tacloban storm hit they only got a little bit of rain. There is an incredible large shell oil refinery here and they own a golf course, bowling ally, beach volleyball pits and basketball courts that I think I will use on the next zone p-day. That should be fun.

I am glad your reading the Book of Mormon  You should try to read it in Tagalog haha. Just have English beside it and then read them both out loud. Also right down the words that are commonly used and it will eventually make sense

Another thing, the next food thing I want you to look up and try to make is a halo-halo. It would be really a big challenge to make one of those in Canada. Also Ube ice cream is super good (look up what ube is ha-ha).

Anyways I love your emails too. I always look forward to your updates back at home and I hope you never stop. Love you all lots.

Elder Nielson  

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