Monday, February 17, 2014

Mangoes on the brain!

Sounds like life is moving on there without me! ha-ha. I am so glad that you all email me every week. I love that so much. It is weird to think about the Olympics because we don't hear anything about the Olympics here. If I was back home everyone would be talking about it and we would get to watch the daily updates.

Well right now I am sweating to death in a creepy computer shop. It is so hot here!

I love that you made some Filipino food! Wow - Pan De Sal and Leche Flan in one night! When we cook we never make anything like a regular sandwich. We go out to the market and buy what we need each week and then make food throughout the rest of the week. The most common dish we eat is Adobo. The only thing about Adobo is that you can never make the same tasting Adobo twice! ha-ha. I am almost sure it is impossible. I love being here though. I can't get my mind off of mangoes. They are so good. A member made mango shakes for us today for lunch and I drank like five! Hopefully there won't be any consequences to that! ha-ha.

We tracted some new investigators this last week and one is really good. His name is Joseph and he went to church on Sunday with us and worked with us as well.

 My health is pretty good. Actually, I have been doing all those things you were reminding me to do. Vitamins, flossing and wearing my retainer! Everyday I see some of the worst teeth in the world here in the Philippines and it makes me feel terrible and also reminds me of what I need to do to take care of my teeth. That reminds me, because students get out of high school when they are only 16 there are doctors here who are only 22. They get the same level of university education but it just seems crazy to be a doctor at 22. There is a sister in our ward who is almost 21 and only has 1 year of university left before she becomes a dentist!

My biggest problem with the language right now is confidence in speaking. I understand it and I have been able to read it for a while but I guess I just get scared when I try to speak.

Anyways, everything is going great. I had some trouble with my computer so I probably won't have enough time to send very many emails out. Love you lots, Mom thanks for keeping me updated on everything.

Tell Tori and Kenzie that I love them lots. Have a great week :) Oh and Kenzie - good luck with that drivers test and basketball. Tori, so glad your team did good this year - keep having fun!

Elder Nielson 

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  1. ooh I love Mondays!!! way to go Erik!! I wish it was a tad hotter here LOL