Friday, April 18, 2014

Better late than not at all!! :)

Thanks for the birthday messages!! It was so great to hear from so many people! Sorry for the late reply. I am still safe here in the Philippines. Our P-day got moved today because we had zone interviews yesterday. Boy were those cool. President Peterson asked me if I was ready for a real challenge. Then he smiled and at first I thought he was talking about like a scripture challenge or something but after that I was like - "crap, what's he mean by real challenge?". Well I guess we will have to wait and see!

Well my birthday went great. I didn't buy anything yet.  I am glad you got to have my Birthday dinner and cake back at home! ha-ha. I went to a fancy restaurant that was all you can eat for 400 peso and loved it! ha-ha. Super fun. I hope things are going good back at home.

I loved Conference. I thought it was great. I loved Pres. Monson's talk on courage. And I learned a lot about faith. I learned that I need to move my faith from Alma 32 faith up to brother of Jared faith. I am trying and hopefully will be able to build up some more faith.

Well, I got 25 emails!! this week so I really don't have that much time to email much to you. The internet really sucks right now so I am not able to send any pics.  Oh well, I love you all lots and hope you have a great week! Please stay safe.

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