Saturday, August 30, 2014

A nice new watch!

My companion is still super new ha-ha. He has only been out for 3 months. Sometimes stuff like that happens.  I have sent several letters to the mission president saying that he should consider my companion for training after I finish his training. I am not that surprised that he's going to be training now.
There are two islands in my mission. Both of them have a large problem with mangkukulam or witches ha-ha. Marinduque is smallish and a super hard area - daw. Mindoro is bigger and the missionary work there is pretty good. I hope I get to go to one of those islands. Yes on the islands there is no McDonalds or any other modern restaurant and I guess the markets suck there as well. Which reminds me. I am super good at buying stuff at the markets here. Veggies, fruit, spices, fish, pork, chicken etc. I always get the best deal even though everyone tries to rip me off. 
Oh, and my watch broke this week so I bought a new one. Sent a picture of it!! :)
Well love you all lots. Thanks for everything!
Elder Nielson   
 My sweet new time piece!!
 My district.

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