Thursday, August 14, 2014

Some Sweet New Skills!!

Well I have another baptism on Saturday. His name is Jessie. He will be the first baptism I will get as a senior companion. I can't wait for it! It should be super good. Hopefully he will remain active. He is super good and we can't teach him anymore then he knows right now. His brother should get baptized sometime in September which will be super good as well. Actually, there should be a few good baptisms coming up in September but unfortunately I probably will get transferred on August 28th. Dad can probably testify to this. All the good elders spend their missions repairing and rebuilding and planting. While all the bad ones spend there missions harvesting and wrecking areas... Oh well I did have some good successes in this area which is awesome ha-ha. Seven transfers are happening in the one island so I am hoping it is my time to go there ha-ha. Oh well that is still like 3 weeks away.
No Dear Elder package yet which is too bad. I sent a cool video for you all haha. It is one of my very cool new skills I have picked up on my mission. 
I would love to take you all to the Philippines! It would be a lot of new very different experiences and it would be super fun but maybe not a "lie on the beach for 2 weeks" kind of vacation. Oh and you would all be treated like super stars! Filipino's love white people. You would all feel the most popular you have ever felt in your life haha. I think Dad would love to come to the Philippines. Basketball everyday, new food, and videoke (karaoke with random videos playing in the back ground of the songs). But of course, we would do the resort thing as well. Maybe Tagay Tay or Puerto Galera.
Wow I wish I could have been there at the family reunion. It looks like you all had a great time. I can't wait to get to go to a family reunion in 2 years haha.
Oh well. Thanks for the email. Love you lots!

Elder Nielson  
Looks like Hawaiian Haystacks to me!!  Let's guess that's what it is!

Some re-enacting maybe?? Don't know!

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