Monday, October 27, 2014

A nice clean apartment surprise!!

Well, to start off the email, we had two elders stay at our apartment for the last three days. It was getting really dirty because we normally don't have any time to clean, but that kind of stuff doesn't fly with Filipino Elders. When I woke up this morning the entire apartment had been spot cleaned ha-ha. They were just finishing up mopping when I got up. They thought that they would surprise us ha-ha. Best surprise ever! We organized everything and even found some nice Christmas lights so we made my side of the apartment into a Christmas styled p-day room!

The other big thing that happened was Elder Hapi got pretty sick, so that meant that I got to catch up on a lot of sleep. Sleeping here in the heat is not fun either. It is not relaxing at all. When you sleep in the heat you have crazy dreams and you don't fully close your eyes. Also when you wake up you feel like crap.

Mom, I find it pretty funny that you crashed the car. But that is also really bad ha-ha. I can't believe that happened ha-ha. Was it the Elantra? You should have taken a picture. (This is Erik's Mom - I didn't actually crash the car. I simply backed it into a pallet of shingles that were sitting on the end of the driveway right behind my car!! They should have been placed on our roof but the delivery truck leaked oil and couldn't go on the driveway to put them up there!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!!)

Well I am also pretty excited that the girls won the Bassano tournament. It must feel nice to wear the Bassano tee shirts around ha-ha.

Thanks for the email love you lots.
Elder Nielson

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  1. I was like, What you crashed your car lol!!
    Clean apartments are so nice!