Monday, October 20, 2014

Me and Elder Hapi!! :)

Thanks for the emails! Everything is going great here.

I had no idea that Kenzie was even considering med school. That is great! We could totally take it together haha. I still want med school but I am not totally sure that being a dentist is the right job for me. Oh well, I will worry about that stuff later haha. We will be just a nice big happy family of doctors haha! I have also been thinking about BYU. Just thinking, but thinking none the less.

I picked up another baptism this week. Zion got baptized and Elder Hapi did the baptizing. I also got to baptize a little 8 year old member girl which was super fun as well. I hope Elder Hapi is having a good time. I am really trying to get him off to a good start. Things in the area are getting a lot better. Right after the baptism a bunch of members came up to us and were asking if they could work with us and give us referrals. It is starting to get exciting here in Lopez. Hopefully we can pull a couple more baptisms out before I am done training Elder Hapi. The requirements for baptisms are getting really, really high. It is becoming extremely hard to find and get a baptism in one transfer. So for elders like me who have re-opened every area they have been in, we don't get to baptize 50 people on the mission. That's ok. I can live with it. Hopefully we will have another baptism coming up in the next few weeks. But that is still just a prayer haha.

I can't really think of anything extra that you can fast or pray about other then helping us know what we need to say to less actives out here. I just came across an entire area that is almost all members but are inactive. Elder Hapi and I sat down and talked about what we should do here and we both decided that we should really try to reactivate the members and then try to get referrals from those newly reactivated members. It is definitely a new focus for me on my mission but I think we can make it work.

Well I sent some photos this week. Hopefully you like them. Love you all lots and I wish you all the best.

Elder Nielson

 Elder Richards, Elder Hapi, Elder Richard's companion (maybe??) and me!
 You know how dogs like the wind blowing in their ears???...
 ...well I seem to like it too!! :)
 Zion and I on his baptism day!
 A little girl that we also baptized.
Elder Hapi and I!!

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