Monday, November 24, 2014

Some big, big changes and guess who has a car?? Sorry - a VAN!!

Well I had a bit of a shocker this week! haha. I am no longer in Lopez which is sad because I had progressing investigators and our apartment planned on having a really cool Christmas. I am also sad because I got really close to a lot of members out there. Oh well, I just gotta move on I guess. I spent literally all of last Thursday traveling. I went from one extreme to another. Lopez to (can I get a drum roll) Calapan Mindoro Island, land of the Mangyan!! Haha - so that will be fun. I had to go through Lucena, San Pablo, Santa Thomas, Batangas, and then road boat to get here! 

My new companion is Elder Pulido. He is the best teacher I have met so far on the mission. I will learn so much from him. The other cool thing is I have one of two areas in the mission with a car. I have a car!!!! I had to drive it on the first day too. WOW is driving something else here. I had to transfer the entire Zone here so I put in a good couple hours behind the steering wheel. I am getting really good at passing people on the right side and driving in the middle of the road and playing chicken with the cars on left side of the road. It really is fun. Oh and I can drive as fast as I want and no one cares (except maybe you guys back at home ha-ha). I will send a picture of my new van ha-ha! 

Another cool thing is that Josef emailed me. (Remember Josef??) He was ordained an Elder last week. How cool is that! I am so proud of him! He is going to serve a mission here really soon too. I can't wait. When I was traveling to Mindoro for 14 hours or whatever it was I really wanted to stop by and visit him but I was traveling alone so I didn't. :( I really hope to see him before he leaves on his mission. He is going to be an incredible missionary. I guarantee he will be 10 times better then me (that rhymes). Oh and when I got to the area it actually had a teaching pool! Wow it was a Christmas miracle! We even had a baptism on Saturday! Let me tell you something else. The branch is fully functioning here as well! They have meetings! They had ward missionaries! They have 150+ in attendance each week! We have 2 sister companionships in the branch! Home teaching is weak but better then the rest of the mission. We teach a workshop on home teaching each week. The other problem is there are almost 1000 less actives in my area... ( That's a stake!) We are going to be working really hard with less actives. 

Well love you lots. I hope you have a great week. 31 days till Christmas!!

Elder Nielson

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