Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello from Calapan!

You don't have to worry about me and the car mom ha-ha. We will be just fine ha-ha. I am only aloud to use it on transfer day... That is a new rule that came out like 1 month ago so that's kind of sad but whatever. 

So Elder Pulido is freaking legit eh?  ha-ha! That is super funny! He is a super funny guy and a good teacher. I am glad to be here. Ya,  I got made Zone leader... Not the most fun of callings this church has. That means I really got to step up my game cause I really didn't think I should have been a District leader either ha-ha. Oh ya, I am Elder Richards Zone leader ha-ha. So that's kinda funny! He is one of the District leaders in the zone out here. 

Earlier, we went to the beach which was super fun. Just hung out there with a couple of other missionaries. We didn't swim of course but we did do some good splashing. It was even semi decent sand but the island right across the bay had some really beautiful sand that we could see. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, or the sand is always whiter on the other island. 

Either way we had a good week of work. I got to go on exchanges with my brother in the mission (Elder Richards trainee) and boy was their area tough. INC has that whole area tightened right down. I am glad I am not over there ha-ha. 

Well I am experiencing a new problem here in Calapan. I am having trouble getting close to the investigators here that were here before I got here. I have never experienced it before and it's different. Well I will just continue to do my best. 
Tell Tori happy birthday from the Philippines! I enjoyed the birthday pictures you sent! Surprisingly enough, everyone kind of still looks the same. 

Oh, there is this member here in my area. His name is Brother Koons. He is this kinda wacky old American that lives here in Calapan branch. He is an RM and served in Italy. He has pretty much a missionary machine running in his house. What he does is supports teenagers and lets them live at his house but requires them to take care of the place. He supports them through school and they eat together for every meal and the works. They are pretty much family. They have family home evening every Monday and family prayer every night as well and family scripture study in the morning. Brother Koons does it because he can't really survive without friends I think. But on the other side of things he gets everyone pretty much baptized and out on missions! I think he said he has sent like 4 missionaries into the field now and 1 is waiting for his call right now. We are also about to baptize another 2 future missionaries from his house. Cool right? 

Well I guess I got to go on a shopping spree :). My comp should be happy ha-ha. Well, have a good week. Love you lots.

Elder Nielson       

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