Monday, May 18, 2015

A Wonderful Mother's Day!!

We were able to Skype with Erik on Mother's Day on the 10th and we will be posting a clip from the Skype as soon as Jon has it available for me to attach. It was so good to see his happy face! When you don't get to see or talk to your kid for months at a time, you sure do appreciate every second when you finally do! This was his last Skype session before he comes home in October - which is really just over 5 months away! I am so proud of the man he has turned into. He has learned so many things living on his own, away from us for 2 years in a foreign country. Life has been very different for him and he has had to learn to adapt to things that he would never have guessed. Overall I know it has been a great experience for him. Can't say I haven't missed him a tonne!!! .... but I am so glad he went. Now if the next 5 months can go smoothly that would be awesome!! Love you son!!

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