Monday, May 4, 2015

A Simple Hello!

Hey mom!

Thanks for the email. Ya I was so frustrated with the branch presidency. Our convert wasn't very happy either. He tells us that he lives on American time not Filipino time haha. He chastises even us if we are more then 2 or 3 mins late. Oh well, he was just made first counselor in the Sunday School, he will be a good leader out here in no time. The branch really needs someone who knows how to be strict with something like time. 

I haven't been able to get Dad's letter for the ward done yet. I worked all week on a talk for my branch out here. I told them that we aren't reaching our potential and that we need to use the faith that we have to stretch before that faith of ours weakens and dies. I will really try hard to get Dad a letter this week. 

Well I am glad that Dad is taking to being a bishop like a fish to water ha-ha. Hope that he doesn't burn himself out like you said. I know that he will be a good bishop for as long as he is bishop. 

Well I am glad that the missionary work back home is going good. Make sure you're all helping out with that. It is so hard to do missionary work without support from members. It is almost impossible. I am also glad that your job is going good for you. There is a lot of funny ladies out there that you get to work with. I am glad that you're having a good time. 

Did Chase and Jackson put their papers in? I hope so. Maybe one of them can come out here to San Pablo mission and I can be their trainer for my last couple cycles here in the mission. 

Well, love you all very much and I am glad that everyone is doing OK back at home. Keep it up ha-ha. Sorry no pictures this week. 

Love you lots.

Elder Nielson

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