Monday, April 20, 2015

An Ocean Baptism!

Hey mom!

Actually life is still good in Lopez. Our baptism this weekend was a success He is a solid member and probably will end up being a really good leader in the church. One thing I have had a hard time with here is how many people don't care about being on time for things. Our convert is very strict on time which is uncommon out here in the Philippines. We told the branch presidency and all of the auxiliaries 1PM and no one was even there to open the gate at the chapel for us until 1:45PM. When the church was finally open, we found out that there was no power because of a brown out and the baptismal font poured out straight mud almost so we moved it all to the dagat (ocean). I will send some good photos of it all. Elder Acain preformed the baptism. 

My companion (Elder Acain) is actually from Mindanao so he speaks Bisaya. He is 20 years old and will be going home with me in October so we are batch cool. He is a really good elder and I am glad to be his companion. 

I feel bad for Dad. He was busy enough as it was before he got called to be Bishop. Oh well, a calling is a calling and that means it is from God and that also means he can do it ha-ha. That is really sad though about Grandma Pat. Don't worry I sent her a pretty good email. She actually emailed me and updated me on everything. I will definitely keep her in my prayers. 

Wow! I am glad you are having a good time at your new job. I am super happy for you. It will be pretty fun to hang out with Devonie every day! She emailed me and said that she is super excited to work with you in the visitors center. 

I can't wait to see what Parker and all of the little cousins are like after the mission. He (along with everyone else) will be so much bigger and older! It will be really cool to see how much everyone has changed. 

Well life out here is still going OK other then it is so hard to get new investigators because literally everyone out here has been taught by the missionaries before. We are so well known it isn't even funny. I would suggest closing the area for a good 6 months in order to let the area rest. Just like in real farms after using the soil for a long period of time it needs to rest a season. 

Hopefully my package arrives in the next week. Well love you lots and have a good week!

Elder Nielson 

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