Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Survived another Typhoon - It was "Ampow"!!

Hey don't you guys worry about me ha-ha. I am doing just fine out here in Lopez. The storm didn't hit us at all. It went north of us and moved into northern Luzon region. The storm ended up being what I call ampaw or in English puffed up. It got super cloudy but that's it, nothing else happened. Anyways we really didn't even get any rain out here. For a couple of days we had a low air pressure right over top of us and that was pretty scary. We definitely don't want a low air pressure area to suck in a huge super typhoon haha. We hardly got any rain even. So we are doing just fine. This might be bad but I want to see one more big storm before I leave the Philippines. 

I actually didn't get my birthday package yet :( Oh well, President Mangum is coming out on the 21st or so to do zone interviews so I should get my package then. 

So I am not with Elder Aoina which was the Polynesian zone leader that was going home. I am with Elder Acain. We are in the same batch going home. He is a Visayan Elder from Mindanao - he is super cool and a really good teacher. 

Thats great that you and Dad went to the Calgary Temple on Friday! And then my favorite place to eat! SmashBurgers! When I get back home we can all go to SmashBurgers! I love that place!

Well I am doing just fine out here in Lopez. The problem out here is the leadership but we are working on that. We had Mission Leadership Conference last Thursday which was pretty cool I guess. We focused a lot on the difference between sin and weaknesses. It is always cool to go to the MLC and get taught by President Mangum. It is probably the best part about being a zone leader. 

Well I hope everything is going good back at home. Love you all.

Elder Nielson

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