Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Back in Lopez!! Typhoon on its way!!

Hey! My transfer got messed up! The APs called me early Wednesday morning and said that my transfer had been transferred because they had problems with another elder so I am no longer in Lipa City. Lipa would have been awesome. It is a big city and has lots of stores and fast food options. I actually got transferred back to my last area Lopez (an even scarier place for hurricanes). I am still a zone leader but that doesn't mean the area or anything else is different other then the ward. I got down graded actually. I am now in the Lopez 3rd Branch and there is just as many if not more problems here. I was disappointed to be leaving Calapan since things were really going quite well there. Oh well - there must be a reason that I am back. I will figure it out. My companion is super cool though. His name is Elder Acain. Oh well, time to get the good times rolling again in Lopez!! 

I really think that working in the park will be really good for you, Mom. It should be an awesome time for you. Congratulations on getting the job!!

General Conference sounds awesome next April! I think I may take the opportunity to visit some companions and good friends I have made out here while we are down there! If we plan it right we could rock it out at one of their homes one night maybe haha. I would love to go on a nice vacation after my mission. I can't tell you how hard it is to see all these great beaches and beautiful islands and not be able to go swimming haha. I really wish it wasn't a rule out here on the mission. The water is very tempting! 

Well everything is going good out here and I did send a bunch of pictures. Love you lots. 7 months to go!

Elder Nielson
 Manilla Temple

 Me and Elder Wooden on a nice boat!
 PD at the beach

 PD at the falls 
Does this appear to be worms?
 Tasty?? Might need some deworming when he gets back!
Some crazy times in Manilla! 
Krispy Kreme will never be the same!

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