Monday, March 2, 2015

Fishing at the beach!

Wow sounds like it was really awesome week for you guys. I am glad that everything is going great back at home. 

We have six missionaries in our ward so we don't get to speak in Sacrament Meeting very often which (this is bad of me to say) is OK for me. I get super nerves still to speak in front of the branch because it kinda needs to be in Tagalog ha-ha. My Tagalog is actually doing just fine. Some people like to say they were fluent in 6 months and that is bull crap. They aren't fluent, they can get by, but they aren't fluent! 

Actually we had one of the best weeks for attendance at church. Me and Elder Wooden brought about twenty people to church single-handedly, eleven of which were investigators and nine were inactive members. It was awesome! We reached 200 people I think in our attendance. That was pretty fun! The other cool thing is that if we reach 220 members consistently, we will have to split the branch into two. 

That is super cool that Kenzie is 18 now. That is pretty crazy. I remember her as being only 16 ha-ha. Does she have a boyfriend or anything yet? I am also super excited to see Tori. It is super cool that she was able to become a good little basketball player ha-ha. When I get home maybe I will have to help her out so that she can become a super good player. 

I actually think that I may have gotten better at basketball out here in the field. We get to play 1-2 times each week. I just love the sport, I can't wait to play with the Elder's Quorum when I get home. I picked up about 7kg (should we assume he actually means 7lbs??) over the last couple weeks. Me and Elder Wooden have been working out really hard every morning. We kinda have a home gym back at the apartment which is super cool. He has helped me out a ton. Plus his parents send him super good tasting protein powder in every package (pina colada flavor). Normally we drop a quarter of a pineapple, a banana, and mango into the shake as well so we are getting a big serving of fruit everyday. I am also eating healthier which really makes a huge difference in my energy levels during the day. I just feel super good right now ha-ha. 

Wish me all the best with all of our super good investigators. One more thing just before I let you go. I just got an email that said I needed to prepare passport photos so that they get my out going missionary stuff ready for me ha-ha. They also said I will have to go to Manila soon to get my finger prints done. How crazy is that? I feel like I am still new out here and they are getting ready to send me home! Well I love you a ton and wish you all the best.

Elder Nielson    
 Helping the fishermen pull in their nets!
 A great day at the beach!

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