Monday, February 23, 2015

Busy on Mindoro!

My week went pretty good. I am glad to hear that you guys are the most missionary minded ward in your mission back at home! It is weird, I have never seen or heard anything about the mission or mission president back at home but our mission president has a really big roll in almost every ward/branch out here in the Philippines. 

Anyways, I will answer some of your questions. We met a new investigator this week who is super cool. We have taught her only 2 times but she has been coming to church every week for the last 3 weeks now. We had no idea that she wasn't a member. She is 17 and between our 2 teaching appointments, she read lesson 1, 2, 3, and a good section of the Book of Mormon. She also told us that she really feels good about our church and she would really like to get baptized. Also we managed to get an entire group of teenage boys to all come to church. Their grandparents are active members but their parents aren't. They are all super excited to be baptized and want to do it all on the same day. Ha-ha, we are really seeing some cool miracles out here in Mindoro. 

We get a fair amount of tracting done as zone leaders. Lately it has been a lot more than the last 2 transfers because Elder Wooden really wants to learn the area. We have to do a lot more stuff on p-day as zone leaders and we also have to deal with all of the problems in our zone - if there is any. I actually feel like being a district leader was a lot harder then being a zone leader. District leaders are the real work horses in the mission and they don't really have a district leader as a companion, so they are on their own. 

We are way down on missionaries right now. We lost 15 companionships last transfer. That means we closed 15 areas in the mission. And the reactivation activity would be effective if people could show up on time. That doesn't really happen here in the Philippines, they call it Filipino time ha-ha! 

Ya, I am not that big of a fan of exchanges. Last transfer we did way too many and it really takes a toll on the area. I am cool with like 4 in a transfer but not the 10 that we did last transfer. Also I really hated exchanges if I knew my companion was just looking to get a 2 day break from work. Good thing that my new comp is super awesome ha-ha!

I am glad that you guys are doing really good with all of the family history stuff. Our ward right now is really trying to make a push at that. Last year 5 names were submitted for temple work. For the entire year we have a goal of only 20 names. You probably did that many last week. Actually you should count how many you have done over the last little while so I can tell my branch out here to try to get them more excited. So far no names have been submitted this year.

Well I am excited to get that birthday present. I hope me and Elder Wooden are still together around that time. I have started working out pretty hard again because Elder Wooden is really into it and me and Elder Pulido kinda made ourselves a home gym before he left. Elder Wooden is actually a really big stalky guy and has been helping me out with working out and stuff like that. Hopefully it works so I don't have to be little skinny Erik any more ha-ha. 

Well everything is going great here. Love you all lots, and good luck with basketball, school, and everything else.

Elder Nielson

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