Monday, February 16, 2015

New companion - same area!

Ha-ha! Thanks for the email Mom! 

Well it looks like the girls are still having fun and all. It will be really weird coming back and Kenzie will be totally graduated by then. Those two will always be my little sisters in school. I feel like I am getting super dumb or something because I am totally forgetting everything that I learned in high school. All my math, science, everything. It is totally gone. School is so important ha-ha. 

Well, Elder Wooden is super cool and ready to really work hard in the area. I am super excited to be his companion ha-ha. He is a brand new zone leader. I guess he was supposed to be one of our companions in the MTC but because of school he wasn't able to enter the MTC until December 18 which is right when I left. He is from Utah, 19 years old, and his birthday is on April 13! One day after mine! His older brother served out here in the Philippines as well. How cool would that be if Kenzie came out here and served a Tagalog mission as well? Our apartment is ok. We have a home gym here which includes some dumb bells and a bench press. 

The branch out here is doing really good right now. They are really getting good at working with the missionaries. Actually we have a pretty good activity that we have been doing each week. Every Saturday we gather a few members up and go and visit less actives in Calapan. We always leave a blessing on their house, invite them to church and try to share a short message. It is a great way to find part member families and to reactivate less actives. Right now we are pushing to be split into 2 branches. That means that we need to get an average of about 210 for attendance for a few months. We are sitting at about 180 so we don't have that much left to go.

Can't wait to send you all of my photos but you may have to wait a little bit longer. 

Well I am still in Calapan and things are still going good. We should have a baptism coming up soonish - can't wait. I will keep you filled in. 

Well love you lots. 

Elder Nielson  

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