Thursday, February 12, 2015

Barfing in the market!!

(This is Erik's mom.) So this was an interesting week of emails! I recieved the following three sentences on Monday! :( Poor guy!

I am so sorry. I feel like crap right now, I can't spend another second in this computer shop. I might just run home and throw up. I sent an email to grandma and Dad - use their emails for the Blog.

This was his letter to his Grandma Gibb!
Thanks for the email. Ya I did have transfers actually. Elder Pulido was made the new AP. I will miss him a lot. We had a lot of good times together. He was just in this area for way too long. I have only been here for 3 months. That's not long at all. I hope I will be put here for a good 6 months. It is way better that way. We ran into a problem with one of our super good investigators. When we first started teaching her we asked if she was married and she said yes. Her baptism is set for next week and we told her to get a certificate of marriage to show that she is married. Turns out she hasn't been married yet... So I guess some work still needs to be done... Oh well, love you lots.
And then this went to his Dad!

Thanks for the email Dad ha-ha. Ya I read your last email today! Sorry it didn't make it to me until now. Oh well. I probably wouldn't have had anytime to send you an email anyways. Sounds like your knee deep in basketball right now. Just think, only a couple weeks of basketball left ha-ha. Well my companion got transferred and I will miss him a bunch. He actually was made the new AP in our mission. My new companion is Elder Wooden. He is a super cool elder I guess. Actually I am not yet with him. I will be in a a group of three until Thursday, and Friday we have Mission Leadership Conference. My area might die this week ha-ha. Oh well. Love you lots. 

And then I was a happy Mom on Tuesday morning after worrying all day about my sick kid with a fever in a super boiling hot apartment - throwing up all day in a sort of yucky bathroom! 

Sorry about the email yesterday. I am ok now. I spent the whole evening yesterday barfing my guts out. In fact, just as I was leaving the computer shop I did some nice throwing up all over the market. But I am ok now. I already talked to president and asked him if I could send you guys a quick email because I wasn't even able to send my zones numbers in yet. Well it looks like you guys had a good time in Banff. I am glad that Kenzie was able to do good, and tell Tori to get better. I will be getting a new companion on Thursday, his name is Elder Wooden. Elder Pulido left for the mission home yesterday. I am going to really miss him. His only problem was that he was in the area for way too long. Well love you lots.

Elder Nielson
:) A bit of repetition but I don't care! Just glad he is feeling better!! I guess if you are going to barf - the market is a nice place to do it! Ewww!

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  1. Oh no! Glad he's feeling better... :) And glad he got to email you the next day!