Monday, March 16, 2015

Some fun in the Philippines!

Cinnamon buns are the best :) Send those to the MTC for Kevin! Hey have you sent my b-day package yet? Just asking. I get the feeling that that will probably be the last package that I get haha - oh well. 

Hey Mom!!! You got the job, now you and Kenzie can car pool sometimes! Ha-ha! That is awesome! Hope it will be just as fun. It probably won't be the funnest job during winter. I can't imagine the roads going down into the park will be all that nice. Oh well, you got a lot of funny ladies that you can hang out with out there!

I am actually having a really stressful time out here right now. My comp and I had to deal with a ton of problems in our zone this week. I don't know what it is but I guess it is just easier to be pasaway (disobedient) out here on the island because we are all super far away form any supervision. We had to do a whole lot of fixing and correcting. Now we are definitely not the most beloved zone leaders in the mission ha-ha. A lot of the stuff that happened we didn't even know was going on out here. 

Oh well, on a better note. We have 3 baptisms on Saturday. It also so happens that our baptismal font is broken right now and we may have to do it in the ocean. How cool will that be?!! The people we will be baptizing are 3 boys. All brothers. We actually kind of reactivated an entire clan by accident. We reactivated with one nice older lady who in turn reactivated all of her kids and now we are busy teaching and baptizing all of her grand children. Super cool right? 

Ya - we play basketball every Monday morning and Thursday evening. Almost half of the people we play basketball with are all less actives. We have a turn out of about 20 less actives each week for basketball. B-ball is a great way to reach out and help rebuild friendships within the church. Some of these guys do end up coming to church on Sunday which is awesome. 

I guess I forgot to mention the amazing hotel we stayed in last weekend. It was so nice! It had air conditioning, hot water, and there was no mold on the roof (Bonus!). I will send pictures when I can of it all ha-ha. Have you ever eaten at Johnny Rockets before? Super good food. Spent way to much money though ha-ha. There is no such thing as a vacation when you're on a mission but that was darn close to one! We still were proselyting though so missionaries pa rin! (still) I wasn't even assigned to room with my comp. I shared a room with Elder O'neal, my comp in the MTC, so that was fun (yes just us 2 in the room - not 4). 

Well love you lots. Hope you have a good week.
Elder Nielson

(Here are a few pictures of Erik and his companion Elder Wooden at church. Erik's dad received these pictures from Brother Reyes, who is in the ward that Erik and Elder Wooden are serving in right now.)

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