Monday, November 11, 2013

All packed into one weekend!

Me and Santa!! On Nov. 3!
Delicious Christmas Dinner - on Nov. 3!!

 My mom decided at the last minute that we needed to jam some special events into the last weekend that I would be missing out on. Mom put up the Christmas tree two months early - just for me! My sister Kenzie planned a special surprise party on Saturday and almost all of my class showed up! That was so much fun! I have some great friends! And it was awesome of Kenzie to go to that much work!
Then on Sunday morning, there was a Christmas stocking waiting for me to open and Christmas dinner was all ready after church. My Grandma made me a special birthday cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday twice - one for each birthday I will be gone for. Later on that night, while we were doing some last minute packing and labeling, there was a knock at the door and Santa was there!! This was so unexpected! Thanks Santa! And thanks to all my family and friends that made my last weekend at home so special!!


  1. yeah Erik.. gosh I hope I get to the point where I don't bawl every time I read something about your mission.. get a grip Heidi LOL

  2. We set the tree up early for Elder Crapo, as well, last year. Didn't think about the birthday cake though. Sent a box mix and trimmings for him to put together his own birthday cake while there. lol! You have an awesome family elder. You will do great with all the support you have from home.