Saturday, November 16, 2013


To answer everyone's questions I am doing great! Ha-ha. I am super happy to be here and haven't had any trouble adjusting to MTC life. The first day came as a bit of a shock but after that, everything has gone really well. All the teachers are really cool RM's and they expect a lot out of us. I am pretty sure getting absolutely everything asked done as well as singing in choir is next to impossible but I am trying my best.
I have 2 companions that I kind of talked about in the last email. They are both goofballs most of the time but when it matters, they know the jobs that need to get done. I have learned that you can't do the MTC like a Nazi robot or else your companions will hate you and your life here will be the last thing from fun.
Anyways life is really good here I have gained like 6 pounds :) that's crazy ha-ha! Oh and thank you so much for the care packages, both were amazing and really made my day. Tell Ryley congrats from me, oh and ask him when he leaves.
Tagalog is going well but it is pretty hard and requires extreme focus in order to take away from the lessons. Never in my life have I woke up in the morning (at 6 am mind you) and said "Hey, I am so excited to go to a language arts class and then after that I really badly want to study this topic that I don't know that much about.
Gym class is awesome except for all the rules and all the lack of rules. What I mean by that, is the MTC has a lot of crazy rules in place to prevent any injury. They also don't enforce any of the real rules in the games that we play. For example, in Volleyball, you can't dive or hit very hard but you are allowed to hit the net, bounce the ball off the wall and re-serve if you miss.
Anyways I love you all a lot. Keep sending me letters, I love reading them every night. Magmahal po akong kyo lots.

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