Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week 3!

Today is the last weekend I will have the opportunity to go to the temple in almost 2 years! I guess they put the missionaries that are returning home through the Manila temple, but not till the end. Oh and another cool little fact is my last day is October 21, 2015 so not quite 2 years.

Tagalog is going ok'long. I expected the rate at which we learn the words and phrases in Tagalog would slow down after a week or 2 which it did. Some of the other missionaries in my district weren't expecting that and I think that makes them feel like they're not progressing and that they can't do it. Yesterday we had 2 sisters run out of their investigator lessons in tears because they felt like the language just wasn't coming. I told them that they were crazy (not really). I said that we have only been here for just over 2 weeks, and that we have learned more then most people would after taking 4 months of Tagalog (I actually said that part).
I am still having really good time out here. We haven't had any more snow since last weekend but it is still pretty chilly out side. Today my companions and I walked around in the morning in pretty much only lava-lavas and tee shirts (haha). Everyone must have thought we were crazy. I haven't received the package yet but I am sure it will come on Monday. I guess the postal service out here still runs on Saturdays, weird. 
Make sure to tell everyone to keep sending mail. It is really cool to get letters during the week through That way I am able to spend my time on the computer mailing back, not reading mail. My departure date is DEC 18, my mission code is PHI SAN, and my Unit # is 25. This is all you need to send me a letter. My email is - you can send mail here too!

To answer your question about our sleeping arrangements, Elder Fa'asavalu doesn't sleep on the floor very often but he did that night cause he didn't like the idea of his bed being on the other side of the room compared to me and Elder O'neal. 

Within the first 4 seconds of being in the MTC, they gave me a filtered water bottle, so I don't need you to send me any filters, oh and the MTC store is big enough to hold everything I could possibly need on my mission so that guy we talked to lied! lol. 

Those pics you sent didn't show up on my computer :( I think you sent too many.

To answer Grandma's question, the food here sucks but there is so much of it and it looks really good that you end up taking way to much of it and that's I why am putting on all this weight - haha! I am 160 now (finally). Continuing on, both my companions are going to the same mission as me so we may end up as companions in the field.

Anyways I love you all a ton and I hope it's not too cold up in the north haha. Have a great week! 

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