Friday, December 27, 2013

Best Christmas Present Ever!!

Once again, this is Erik's mom. I just want to let you know before you read his letter, that I secretly wish every day that there will be a letter from Erik waiting for me to read. Well, I told this to Jon, Erik's dad and he told me that was silly and I should stop hoping for that. Surprise!! Today there was! I am quite certain that Erik's mission president thought it would be nice for families to wake up on Christmas morning to a letter from their son or daughter. Thank you President Peterson! What a treat - best Christmas present! Anyways here is his letter:

"So I guess my P-day got changed to today which is kind of cool I guess haha. I know I just skyped home yesterday but I thought I would also like to take sometime and write up an email to go in to the blog with some photos of my experience in the first week of being here. So first, the plane flight sucked. It felt like it took forever and the seats weren't that comfy. I would have much rather driven in a car with my family to California again. The first problem we ran into with the plane flight was the fact that our first plane had a cracked pipe and was leaking water into the plane which meant we had to change planes and that took 2 hours. It's a really good thing that the church has a strong pull with Delta airlines because they managed to hold our connecting flights for the 2 needed hours. The first thing that we noticed getting off the plane in Manila was the humidity. It is a thousand times more humid here then anywhere in Canada - but I love the air now, it's so nice haha.
President Peterson is awesome. I feel like he is a little hard to read though. He is one of those people who you don't know if they are mad or just joking. I know he was meant to be my mission president. I really love the Peterson's. The first thing they fed me was pineapple (not my favorite back at home) and it was incredibly good. I am loving all the food I have tried here. None of it has given me any trouble. Well except on my third day. Something had me throwing up like crazy on that day but I am good now.
My companion is 6' 7". That was very unexpected. There is no way I ever would have thought that my first companion would be taller then me, much less 5" taller. Anyways he is really cool and we have a really nice apartment compared to ones in other areas. Elder Richards is also our district leader, training me, re-opening our area (last lessons taught were in October so pretty much opening), and he is only 4.5 months into his mission.
We live in Batangas City. The ward here is incredible. So many members want to do missionary work. The members are also really good at feeding us. We have a dinner appointment almost every single night. I know that as soon as I can get fully settled into my area we can really get going on the work here and that we will be able to get lots done.
One really cool thing I found out today is that a brother in my ward is going to be serving in the Australian Adelaide mission. He is supposed to report to the Provo MTC on January 14th - the same day as Brayden Pitcher. haha If they end up companions in the MTC I will know for sure that this is truly a small world. His name is John but every one calls him John-John because another boy in the ward is also named John.
Well I am running out of time and I still haven't posted any pictures so I will get on that. I really hope everyone is having a great Christmas. Know that I am just fine here and that I love you all. I know this is where I am supposed to be.
My companion just told me not to plug my camera into any of the computers here because I am kind of in a sketchy internet gaming café right now and it might load my memory card up with viruses or delete everything. It is the only one open right now. That means you will all have to wait till Monday to see photos of me :)"

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