Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kumasta Akong Pamily

Hey everyone almost done here at the MTC. One super cool thing that I forgot to write in my letters was that my mission no longer even requires me to bring a suit! You can expect a package with my suit in it when I leave the MTC.

Wow I feel super sick right now haha. I have a terrible head cold, and I really hope it goes away before I leave for the Philippines. Also yesterday I woke up with a big ugly cold sore... not happy about that one...

Haha I am super excited about going to the Philippines but I really don't feel that ready. I know that most missionaries don't pick up the language to the point where you can converse in the MTC. I can understand most things people say in Tagalog, or at least can get the main point of what they are saying. I can also read Tagalog and understand most of what is said. So I am almost to the point where I am conversational but not quite.

Ok this is a quick lesson for Dad.

*Tagalog 101

The way sentences are formed in Tagalog is you first start with the verb, then who or what is doing the verb - aka the actor, then you state the object that is being acted on, and finally you finish with the location or receiver.

ex. Kumasta (how's, the verb) ako (My or me, the actor, the focus) ng (shows non-focus) pamily (family, object, non-focus) sa (shows location) bahay (home, location)

also the a=ah e=ay i=ee o=o u=oo ( those are the basic sounds in Tagalog)

ang= shows focus in a sentence. ng= shows non-focus sa= location. Based on how the verb is conjugated the focus changes.

Sorry, sometimes its hard to remember all the questions that people ask me in letters. Haha. Thanksgiving was cool. I bet if you looked online you would see the MTC service project we did for Thanksgiving. Also they actually made real food for us :) It was great!

So we have had Elder Perry, and Elder Nelson speak to us over the last month which is really cool. Elder Ballard was supposed to talk to us last week but the church security didn't want to risk the roads. This coming Sunday and Tuesday we are supposed to get some big speakers, as well as next Sunday. All of the missionaries get to attend these speakers.

Guess what? I ran in to Brandon Hill! He is on the west campus so I only ever see him during devotionals like that. He is doing really good. For whatever reason my return date is set for October 21, 2015 - that's 2 weeks earlier then when I got here and one week before Branden returns.

Well I have to go now. Bye! :) I thought I had some photos of snow... oh well we only got like 15 inches of it in one day! haha
My tie curtain on my bed. They really dress up our room!

All of the Elders in my Zone

Ran into Brandon Hill at Devotional! Great to see him!


Just hanging out eating lunch
The Thanksgiving service project

Stopped our walk for a quick selfie!

This is me in the lava-lava that my companion from Samoa gave me! It goes so well with my New York City t-shirt and black socks!! :)

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