Monday, December 16, 2013

Six Weeks at the MTC Done!! :) On to warmer weather!

I am doing really good! Its been a good experience to be at the MTC but I am ready for the next step! I leave the MTC at 3:30 am or something like that, on Monday morning, and my flight out starts at 8:35am. I can phone home, and I did buy a phone card. I will try to phone at around 6:00 am if that's ok, or I can phone earlier if you want.

Detroit is the only lay over. The flight total will be 22 hours. I am super excited to leave the MTC but to say I am not super nervous would be a lie. Three districts will be on the same plane - that's about 30 missionaries in total!!

Elder Quentin L. Cook came and spoke to us on Tuesday. He was awesome! I did watch the General Christmas Devotional Broadcast, but I wasn't feeling the best because all last Sunday morning I was super sick and throwing up a lot. Several Elders on my floor had mono so that really scared me. I am feeling much better now though.

I am just getting over being sick and I did get my Christmas package from you, along with many other delicious care packages from so many wonderful people! Thank you everyone! No wonder I gained so much weight already (8 pounds is nothing though compared to the 30 pounds that my roommate gained!) The harmonica in my Christmas package has been a real hit. I have taught myself a few songs and I may just pull it out and play a few tunes on the long plane ride! What do you think about that?

I don't feel that confident with the language yet but that's expected right? haha. I know that no other institution of learning can compete with the huge amount that goes on here in the MTC. If you put in a good effort you learn a ridiculous amount.

Though I know I have a lot to learn, I am excited to get to the Philippines. I am so grateful for all of the letters I have received and for all of the prayers on my behalf.

I love you lots! Can't wait to talk to you all next week!    

Sorry - no pictures this week because I didn't have a card reader with me! I will send more soon!

** Just a side note:
This is Elder Nielson's mom - CoriAnn. He called us this morning at about 6:30am and we visited with him until about 7:30am. It was so nice to hear his voice. I couldn't detect any kind of sadness or homesickness from him - which makes me so relieved and happy! He sounded so great! He is feeling much better and was excited to get on the plane with his buddies and fly to a much warmer climate! Lucky guy! Unfortunately, his first flight to Detroit was delayed by 2 hours. Not a good thing considering he only had a one hour layover in Detroit before he needed to get on the next plane to the Philippines! I guess Delta thought 30 empty seats was too many, because they held over the Philippines flight by three hours so that all of those missionaries to get to where they were going! :) As of right now, we think they are about 5 hours from their destination.

He asked me to say "hi" to everyone and told us that he was so happy to read each letter from everyone! He said he wishes he had more time to write everyone back each week, but he has been so busy! Please keep writing him - he loves to hear from you!

I can't wait to see pictures of his adventure ahead and hear about the people he will meet. I am so excited for him and will be forever grateful that he has been blessed with good companions and wonderful teachers that have made his 6 weeks at the MTC a good experience. I miss him a lot but I couldn't be prouder! He's really grown up in the last 6 weeks. Love him so much!!

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