Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beef Jerky and Peanut Butter!! :)

It's has been another great week here in the Philippines. Everything is going good here except I just really hurt my neck this morning playing basketball. I have never felt this way before. I turned my head too fast or something and now I can't really move it without feeling a lot of pain. Oh well I will survive. :(
I received your Dear Elder package on Wednesday and it was stuffed right full of jerky which was awesome! I love that stuff and I ate all of it within like 3 days! ha-ha. It also contained a bunch of chocolate bars and a jar of peanut butter and it made me realized that the peanut butter here is very different from home. It is much sweeter. I can eat the peanut butter here with a spoon and it won't even dry out my mouth! ha-ha. Anyways - thanks a lot!!
It is getting hotter ha-ha. Actually right now I am in a creepy internet shop, sweating to death in a corner, surrounded by loud, half naked, teenage, Filipino's playing Dota (a video game).
Dad asked me to write in some detail about my best mission experience so far. This would have to be the story about our investigator, Josef. It's about the power of fasting and prayer. You know the story of Josef already so I won't go too deep into that. His parents are very active Catholics and didn't want Josef to join the church. We had several really good lessons with Josef and he, through listening, reading the scriptures, and praying received the confirmation that this was the true church and that he wanted to be baptized. His parents threatened to stop funding him through university (one of the best and most expensive universities in the Philippines). Josef is on his last year of accounting and it is very important that he gets through this last year. Josef's parents also wouldn't let Josef even leave their sights, especially on Sunday. When Elder Richards and I found out about the issue we decided that we would fast with Josef that his parent's hearts might be softened and that they would accept his decision to be baptized. Just this last week for no reason whatsoever Josef's mom started asking for scriptures from the Book of Mormon as daily inspirational quotes. Josef's parents have also started to let us teach Josef at his house now and we will hopefully be able to start having lessons with his family. The next scripture we want Josef to share with his mom is Moroni 10:3-5. This experience has definitely increased my testimony of fasting and prayer. 
So, transfer day is actually this Thursday but I don't know if I will be transferred or not. There is a good chance I could be transferred because normally you won't be with the same companion for longer then 2 transfers and Elder Richards has only been here as long as I have and he is a district leader. So I guess we'll see what happens this week! I will let you know!
Well, have a great week and hope that my neck isn't very serious (ha-ha don't worry, it's not, but it does hurt a lot right now). :(

Well I love you all lots :)
Elder Nielson
Here is a picture that was sent to us of Erik with Brother Peterson and his wife. Brother Peterson is the San Pablo Philippines mission president. This picture was taken the morning after Erik arrived in the Philippines. He looks pretty tired after having flown a long ways on a plane! Pretty happy though!

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