Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rats and Transfers!

I am feeling better now. Thanks for asking! My neck was super sore until Wednesday but after that it was fine. I am happy to tell you that I am still in Batangas with Elder Richards. Maybe next transfer I will get transferred but it's ok with me to stick around here in Batangas. Actually one of the great things about still being here was I got to be at Josef's baptism! It went very smoothly and he was able to bring his girlfriend along with him. We also just came in contact with a large pool of investigators which I would be kind of sad to leave.

That is so exciting that Kenzie and Tori were able to listen to Elder Holland speak in Lethbridge! It is always super cool to be around a general authority. I wish one would come out here one of these days ha-ha jokes.

Well you may live in the frozen north but there is definitely nothing frozen here! It hasn't gotten any hotter this week but it also hasn't gotten any cooler. Actually we got a bit of respite these last few days with the wind. During the day the wind is still really hot but at night the wind is super nice ha-ha. I am glad to hear that the weather is warming up there, though!

Don't worry about me Mom! I always eat healthy and stay safe. You never have to worry about me :)

Well I am glad to see that everyone is still enjoying basketball season. I think I have gotten a lot better at ball handling here in the Philippines. Honestly, the kids here - all they do is play basketball or play Dota (a very popular computer game here in the Philippines). Every Monday morning when I play basketball, I am constantly playing against some of the best ball handlers I have ever seen. Because if you don't have height in basketball, you are good at dribbling and shooting, and most people here are not tall. Normally, I have to deal with bigger, slower guys who only want to shoot down low. Now I have to play against fast, small guys who don't mind shooting 3's. Well, I really hope Dad's team wins Provincials. Wish him good luck for me!

Oh, and you should send me hair gel in the next package! Don't worry, I didn't get my birthday present yet ha-ha. One more thing, I saw my first rat in the wild this week.  :)  Definitely not a fan of them!

Love you all!!

Here is Kenzie's Letter this week! Not sure what it says - it does not all transfer to English very well. Mostly telling her to wish his Dad luck this weekend at Basketball Provincials! The last word is shovel - not sure about that one! He did warn us that google translator is not very reliable! Oh well - hope there is nothing ignorant in there! Sorry if there is!! :)

"Astig ka talaga. Walang transfer para sa akin. At wala bagong companion para sa akin din. paro ayos lang. Si Elder Richards astig siya rin. sabihin kang "good luck" sa basketball team ng tatay nating para sa akin. hindi ko alam tungkol sa kotse ko. pakimagayos kang kotse ko. Joke lang, wala akong pakialam tungkol sa anong nangyari sa kotse ko. bahala kayo.

Try to figure out what that says haha. Have a great week love you lots."

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