Monday, March 24, 2014

Provincial Champions!! Way to go!!

Wow Dad! Your basketball team won Provincials! That is incredible!!! Awesome!! ha-ha I can't believe how great that is. I am so happy for you and the boys. You really deserve it because of all the years that you have coached basketball. Out of all the years you could win you had to pick the year after I graduate... thanks... Just kidding. It must almost feel like a dream for you. I can't believe that Senator Gershaw made it to the finals again. Oh well the dream is over and now you can relax. All those years of coaching and finally a Provincial Championship banner!!! I was so worried that something bad would happen but they pulled through. That is so cool.

You asked about transportation. I make us walk whenever I can haha. I try to only take jeepnees and trikes when we're late (which in the Philippines happens a lot haha). If we have the time - we walk!

The ward here is really good and we do have several dinner appointments this coming week. Last night we had a big pizza with one of the members. I have gotten way better at eating things that are quite a bit different than I would have eaten at home! ha-ha. The pizza was half Hawaiian and half everything else in the world that can go on a pizza. So yeah - I am pretty much a pro-star at eating things now. I have been trying to have the attitude of at least trying things once. Most of the time I really love the stuff I eat. Example, I ate this stuff called Bicol Express and I really liked it other then I am pretty sure I have some really terrible acid burns all over my mouth now because of it. :)

Don't worry Mom, I try to get my hair cut once a month. I can get it done for just over a dollar or 50 pesos.

Hmm... things I can't get here... There is no maple extract. In fact no one even knows what maple is here in the Philippines. That's all that I can think of. I will try to think of more things that you might want to send.

I can't believe that it is already time for Ryley to leave for the MTC. I also can't believe that Brayden only left for Austrailia on March 10th - that is terrible. I feel bad for him. Well you're not the only mom without a boy at home anymore! haha.

That's really exciting that Kenzie gets to go to Encounters with Canada! I didn't even know she was going! I hope she has a great time there! Have fun with your quiet home while she is away. I bet it will feel very empty there!

Have a great week love you lots.
Elder Nielson

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