Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Best Mother's Day EVER!!! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

So excited to report that we were able to connect with Erik through skype on Sunday night! It really made my day, week, month! We were all so excited to see his face and hear his voice again! He is doing so well! He is really loving the Philippines and is so happy there. I am so relieved each week when his happy letters reassure me, but by the end of the next week, I start questioning it again - but I can honestly say that he looks so extremely happy. Which is amazing to me because his life has really changed so much living there. Erik has always been a very picky eater - he loves the basics like roast beef and mashed potatoes - I truly think it's a miracle that he loves the food there because it is so very different from what he was raised on. I would NEVER have guessed that he would try something like Balut (boiled duck embryo!!). And might I also add that he has always been very particular about bathrooms, and adequate cooking facilities - and he definitely has had to adjust to that change. Showering in ice cold water out of a bucket with cockroaches and snakes swimming around his feet, washing ALL of his laundry by hand, cooking everything in one pan on a one burner cooktop, and the knowledge that rice goes with every meal you eat! Sounds like someone has learned to live the simple life. :) I am so grateful that he has learned this - I know that he looks around and sees that he has so much more than most of the people that he meets every day - he is grateful for the little things in life. That's something that can be very hard to teach your child these days. He learned it all on his own! :)

Erik's dad did some cutting and pasting and put some of our skype call together for you to hear. We tried to include some stories as well as some of his Tagolog skills (its coming along - its a pretty tough language to learn). I hope you enjoy it - don't feel like you need to hear it all. We recorded over an hour of the call - so it could have been a lot longer! ;) About halfway through the call our power went out here in Rosemary so we had to finish the remaining call on my cell phone so the image changes a bit - sorry!! 

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  1. HA HA!! That's EXACTLY what we told Curtis {also picky eater big time!!!} that he would now be eating duck embryos. Too funny. Also vERY comforting for us AND him to be reading this post. To know that your food changes will come easier than you think. ; ) Glad your call went well, despite the power outage in Rosemary.