Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Just saying hi!!

Haha! The highlight of my week last week was definitely Skyping home! (well other then my completed family baptism). Eek - I really hope Dad didn't put my Tagalog speaking on the blog! I honestly can speak 100 times better then that - haha. Anyways the skpying was really nice. I got to see all of your lovely faces! I hope you didn't mind not getting an email last week! I didn't think it would be that necessary.

Well I am having a great time here still. Hopefully I will continue having a great time until the end of my mission - heehee. Well I guess I am almost finished with my transfer with Elder Tupou. What scares me is that I might be training next transfer and that I also might be District Leader. Elder Tupou is DL right now so if I am training I will be DL cause he will be gone. Oh well I will do whatever I am needed to do.

Well I am glad that you guys had a pretty good week. I am also super glad that Kenzie passed her driver's test. That is awesome.

That is super cool that Lynn and Dean Crapo's son will be coming to the Philippines on his mission! Iloilo mission has lots of languages in it - haha. Probably he will learn more then one when he goes there. Hilagaynon isn't that popular here in the Philippines I wonder if that will actually be the main language he will use. Tell him to get at least one pair of dark pants or else he will feel all by himself in the meetings and stuff. The food is great as long as you are willing to eat a fair amount of rice. When I say fair amount I mean everyday if you have a Filipino companion. Most of the Filipino's are great cooks which is great.

Well, wish everyone well and tell them I love them.

Elder Nielson

P.S I added more photo's but not my baptism photo yet...
A scenic view???? Why is there never an explanation to these crazy photos?

Elder Tupou also enjoying the view!
 A little bit of rain!
 Maybe some swim time too! 
Some friendly looking puppies!

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  1. So noted! HA ha. Thank Elder Nielson for the tips!