Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Digs!

I am super sorry for not emailing you yesterday. I ended up in a super crappy computer shop and the power shutdown 2 times. Both while I was trying to send you a letter. We ended up having to leave because we had a really awesome Family Home Evening planned at one or our progressing investigator's home and then we couldn't even get into the shop right next to our house last night cause all these kids were playing in it.

Well things went pretty good this week. The one problem I had with my trainer Elder Richards was that he didn't really make me do anything or let me talk in lessons but now I am teaching almost half the lesson and talking to everyone. Elder Tupou makes me talk to everyone I see. One of our key indicators in this mission is OYM (open your mouth). It means talk to everyone. We record the amount of times we talk to someone and share a gospel principal. With Elder Richards we would get like 20 a week and he would do almost all of them now this last week I got 69 and I did them almost all by myself. Elder Tupou sure knows how to work me - haha.

Well, it sounds like you had a pretty good week other then the snow. How did Dad hurt is leg? I think Dad would love to live here. In San Pablo basketball is so big. Every little compound has a nice big roofed-in basketball court and all day everyday they are filled with kids playing basketball and in the evenings they run really big, popular basketball tournaments. It is too bad that the Filipinos are short because if they were bigger we would probably see a lot more in the NBA. They actually have their own professional basketball league call the PBA and that is super popular as well. The people here live and breath basketball. I think it would have been really fun growing up here.

My new area is nice. We already have one investigator that should be baptized in the next 3 weeks. We gave her a baptismal goal date on the first day I got here and she has progressed ever since. In fact that is where we had the FHE. Our apartment is kinda crappy but it is a lot bigger. The bathroom really sucks - haha - it is super small and not nice at all. Also the water is ice cold. Not a real fan of it. Elder Tupou is pretty good about cleaning too. Normally the one who cooks doesn't need to clean so whenever I cook Elder Tupou cleans, which is really nice. I really liked Elder Richards but he wasn't quite as eager to clean as Elder Tupou. One really good thing about Elder Richards was that he was obedient to almost all of the rules which was really good.

Anyways It is time for me to go out and get some work done (well do studies first at least).

Love you all lots and have a really great week!

PS I will try to skype you on my Monday (your Sunday). See you then.

Elder Nielson

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