Sunday, July 20, 2014

Super late blog post! Sorry!!

Things are still going great. Still no letter for the ward... Sorry. I just have like no time at all to write anything other then on Monday. In fact I wasn't even able write in my journal for a full week already. It has been a very stressful month!

That's great that Kenzie works with Cody. I really liked working with him. I thought he was pretty funny and we had a lot of the same views on most of the things we did. Ask Kenzie if Mike and Kari are still working at Dinosaur Park.

The new mission president is kind of like Brad Hall in height, shape, and attitude but just a little less bastos ha-ha. He is very funny and yes, he probably doesn't know very much but neither did I before my mission. His highest calling before this was branch president. The Lord doesn't always call the qualified. He qualifies those he calls.

Well the work here is doing just fine. We have been having trouble getting people to the waters of baptism cause no one here wants to read the Book of Mormon cause it is too hard to read in Tagalog. It is very deep. I can read most things but the Book of Mormon is really hard for me as well. All the Filipino elders work only with English. The reason is because the conjugations are super hard. Tagalog is a language of conjugations.

We have had a lot of trouble getting this ward going. They don't tell us when any of the meetings are and it is almost impossible to get members to work with us. There is one or two that like to work but in order to make lessons highly effective we need the right members. Not teenagers that like to follow the missionaries and bare their testimonies. We get fed probably 1 time a week. But that is ok cause the mission gives us way too much money. ha-ha Oh well. We still have no baptism and we needed to extend the one baptism that we were going to have by 1 month because he failed to come to church for the full 4 weeks. But that is ok. Transfer day is next Thursday but my companion and I should still be together for at least one more transfer.

Yes, the picture that I posted last week was a chicken foot ha-ha. I don't know what was on it. I still need to try dinoguan (chicken blood), chicken head, and Isaw ( chicken intestines) I haven't gotten brave enough for that yet ha-ha. But I will make you all try something one day. Oh I love the dried fish here. It is so good. We eat dried fish, rice and sausage for breakfast all the time. It is salted and sun dried and you eat the whole thing. The head, the bones, everything. When you guys come out here I will feed you worse stuff then chicken feet ha-ha.

We play Volleyball on cement all the time. It's just the same but you need to remember that you don't dive or you may leave a good portion of your skin on the pavement.

Well I love you all. Stay safe and no I don't have the Dear Elder package yet. Don't work too hard! Magtiis po kayo hanggan sa wakas.

Love you lots!
Elder Nielson   

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