Monday, July 21, 2014

Typhoon Glenda!!!!! Wow!!!!

Right now it is just super cloudy. Henry was supposed to hit us but he missed and stayed over the ocean. Here they call the typhoon Glenda. Did you know that the Philippines gets hit but on average 26 typhoons every year. That is crazy haha. The nice thing about the storm was that it didn't last very long. It started at about 9 at night and ended at about 8:30 am. The eye went right on top of use. We had an hour of nothing. I could see stars in the sky at 4 am. That was super cool. But then it just went crazy again. I have some good videos of the wind destroying my neighborhood. Well that was quite an experience. 3 am we had people come to our house asking if they could stay in our garage/laundry room because their house was just washed down the river.

I sent a video as well as some photos of the storm. I got no sleep and as soon as the storm ended we went out and helped the people recover as best as we could. It is really weird here. Lots of people just lost everything and yet they are laughing and smiling and happy.

We were fine with no power for three days because we just spent every second with a machete hacking away mango trees and others that had fallen on members homes. Lots of people completely lost their house. One of our best investigators lost his house and everything else. He was supposed to be baptized in 2 weeks but we will probably have to move that. Other then that we have another really good baptism coming up. Two brothers on August 9.
Well I am still alive. Oh and several areas in the mission still have no power or water. One area is saying they won't have power for 1 month. But I don't think those elders know what they do here in the Philippines ha-ha. We had live wires hanging down and downed power lines still and they still turned on the power again! ha-ha crazy...

Dad is just the hardest working man in the world isn't he? Ang surup yung summer break. I wish I could have a summer break ha-ha. Oh well I can't! I don't think we really need anything.
I am going to try to work on a letter for the church this week.

Well I hope you are still all good and happy back at home.

Love you lots!

Elder Nielson
 Got a lot of work to do!!
 Elder Mesina
 Helping Hands!


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