Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy Canada Day everyone!!

Just wanted to confirm that my whole birthday present made it here. It was still completely packed! ha-ha. Beef Jerky, Bulls Eye and all!! :)

Mom, it looks by the pictures that you girls had a really fun time at the Calgary Stampede and Parade! Why was Willaim Shatner the parade marshal??? I didn't think he would be all that into the rodeo stuff. Well it looks like you got a pretty good spot for the parade. Wow I feel Like I missed so much this week. Oh well. It sounds like you had a pretty fun week. I am glad to hear it.

Well I am super glad that Moroni's Quest is going on right now. Wow - those tribes sound great! It is sad that I will be missing Quest this year.  I would love to just take a 1 week break and go to that! ha-ha Oh well. I really loved it when I went!

Oh - somebody asked me about mosquitoes! There are like no mosquitoes here. Maybe a hand full in the morning or at dusk but not really any. Awesome!!

Ok, so my area. We have 11 goal dates but probably only 4 will be ready by their dates. Lots of them aren't keeping commitments. It is super hard because everyone accepts a baptismal goal date but no one comes to church or reads or prays. It is also really hard because our ward doesn't want to really work with us that much... We met two young brothers that live together at a members house. They are being sponsored by some rich members in Utah. They used to live on the streets in Manila. Now they are both in a nice house, in school, and doing quite well with their life. They were taking the lessons before in Manila (they lived at a members house in Manila just before they came to San Pablo) and they both want to be baptized. One is 15 and is in grade 5 but he is incredible at basketball and the other is 21 and on his second year of collage. Might be promising!

Congratulate Dallin on getting into Dental School in the fall at U of A! Woohoo!!! Way to go man! ha-ha That is awesome.

Well I love you all lots and I will try to work on a letter for the ward this next week.
Elder Nielson
 Does this resemble a chicken foot dipped in gravy?? :(
 Down it goes! Do I detect some fear in those eyes??
 Eggs Benedict maybe?? Erik's favorite!! Looks a little spam-ish to me!
 A nice purchase - someone is talented!
Zone conference - Volleyball anyone??

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