Monday, June 30, 2014

An Explanation!

Thanks for the emails!

I had a really good week! And this week looks even better. I get to meet the new mission president and his wife on Friday. That should be really cool. I am really grateful for President and Sister Peterson and the way they were able to start me off on my mission.
Well, my stomach problems are gone now. I think it was just from a lot of stress and the weather changing. It went from burning hot everyday all day to hot and lots of rain in what seems like overnight. Super weird.

The other problem is none of our investigators have really been progressing but last week we managed to find some good new investigators as well as get a bunch more to church. Our weekly numbers last night were awesome. Now I just need to focus on my teaching skills. Ha-ha it was a lot harder then I originally thought to be able to teach in a different language. But yesterday I really started to see how well I am getting at Tagalog! :) It feels really good to be able to speak to someone, fully understand them, and have them fully understand me too ha-ha.

Many of you asked about the man dying in our lesson that I mentioned a while back. Here is an explanation! So ya, like 2 weeks ago a man literally died in our lesson. My poor companion... only in the mission for like 2 weeks and a man dies! I just did a lot of laughing! ha-ha. We were teaching a man just on his porch. We could see another guy watching TV in the house. He was old but he was still alive. We asked him if he wanted to join our lesson and he said no he didn't feel that great. Turns out he was 95, and half way through the lessons another guy comes out and says "Tatay your dad just died". Elder Mesina went white and I was trying to figure out if he meant what he said or if it was just a Filipino saying ha-ha. Well we didn't end that lessons with a prayer if you know what I mean. But we did return and had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation! :) So ya crazy ha-ha. Later me and Elder Mesina were talking and we both said we thought "hmm, wouldn't it be bad if that guy died while we taught". I testify that revelation is real.

Love you lots! Have a great Canada day!

Elder Nielson

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