Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Finally Got My BIrthday Present!! YAY!!

Don't worry about me lol I probably shouldn't have told you that I was not feeling well - haha. Well, I am super happy that you are all really happy haha. The house and yard looks great in the pictures! Can't wait to see all the changes that happen when I get back - lol.

So first off your last paragraph is exactly what President Peterson's final talk was about. I think they normally do a big family workshop for the missionaries leaving the mission but they gave it to all of us for his last workshop. I had a good week. We had pretty good numbers (19 lessons and 41 OYMs) our only problem was referrals, but this week I made sure we had some good dinner appointments lined up so we can get some nice referrals. This area really doesn't like to feed the missionaries. I think it was because there was a lot of crappy missionaries here before us! Oh well now we're getting fed.

Also, they only gave Elder Mesina 5700 peso in the mission home and he got here on the 4th! They give all the other missionaries 8000 for the whole month so ya, he has no money haha. We eat rice and noodles for just about every meal. He has to live the next 7 days on nothing but 300 pesos - about the equivalent of $7... not cool ha-ha.

Well I am really getting sick of these P-days haha. They're not really relaxing at all haha. I wake up and go play basketball till like 9, come back to my apartment and handwash my clothes till 11, clean the house until 12, eat out and go and buy groceries and stuff for the week, get back at 3, email at 3:45-5, then go have personal study till 6, after 6 back to work... Not relaxing at all and I don't really have any time to do anything fun other then basketball. And now all the kids are back in school and everyone else plays at night so it is just me and Elder Mesina shooting around - kawawa naman (unfortunate turn). I have some beautiful mountains around me that I would really love to go and hike up one day but I got no time lol.

  Well I am feeling better. I think it was just a bad burst of a lot of stress. I even got bad acne for a couple of days!! ... Well I am back to normal again so hopefully I will stay that way for a while.

I will try to prepare a nice long letter in tagalog for you next week. Maybe a letter to the ward or something like that. But I can't just whip something up right now ha-ha.

I sent a lovely photo of me in my nice new team Canada shirt for Canada day. Yes - I finally got my birthday present!! Thanks! It only took 4 months to get here! 2 1/2 months late for my birthday - better ship my Christmas parcel now!! :)

Well love you lots and I hope you have a great week.

Elder Nielson
 Happy Canada Day!! My new birthday present Olympic t-shirt! Thanks Mom!! Perfect timing!
 Me and Elder Mesina
Rambutan fruit tree!

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