Monday, June 9, 2014

My first week as Trainer and District Leader!

Ok first off I will answer your questions! ha-ha My new companion's name is Elder Mesina. He is from Capas Tarlac Philippines. We get along just fine ha-ha. I haven't run into any problems with him yet. He is very obedient and plans to stay that way, which is great. We both love basketball which is great. Now I know what to do on P-day ha-ha. He has so far been a great help with cooking and cleaning, in fact he has been better then me at that! ha-ha. He went to  the Manila MTC for 2 weeks and ya - he knows Tagalog which is great!

My language skills are pretty good, but I am not fluent in regular speech yet, which is sad... But at least I understand and can teach pretty much everything in the lessons. We are trying really hard to progress our investigators out here. We are having some problems with them not going to church. Almost all of our investigators are really great and very interested in what we have to teach. I just want them to come to church! I don't count anyone as progressing if they don't come to church so it is very frustrating for me.

I saw the photos of the parade! It looks really cold. It rains a fair amount here everyday and it isn't even the rainy season yet. Well, you all look very beautiful in your hoodies and jackets in the wind and rain! ha-ha (I haven't seen one of those in just about 6 months ha-ha - as in a jacket or a hoodie). I can't wait to see Parker and those little Gibb girls after my mission. They look pretty fun!

Sounds like your life is a ton of fun Kenzie!!! That's a very tight exam study schedule! Don't worry, I survived it once already ha-ha. I can't believe that the school year is over and done with ha-ha. It goes a lot faster when you don't have homework I guess :P. Good luck to both Kenzie and Tori on your final exams!

Oh well. Hope everything is going great for all of you out there. Thanks so much for keeping me informed :). I love you all lots!

Elder Nielson
 An old picture of my zone in Batangas City!
Elder Tupou and I with some pretty cool sister missionaries! Our District in San Pablo before transfer day.
 Just another day in paradise!
 Elder Tupou pushing a tree over.
 Some wee little fish for dinner! Yum!
 My new apartment in San Pablo! This is my desk! And closet! :)
 Where I sleep!! A little cramped!
 Our deck with a view! And our clothes dryer!
 Fresh from the market! Gonna make some delicious supper!
 Some PD day fun in Batangas! (Old picture)

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