Monday, June 2, 2014

District Leader and Trainer - A little bit overwhelming!! :)

This week was okay other then it was full of meetings... It sounds like next week will be the same. It is nice to live only 10 minutes away from the place where the mission holds their meetings. That way we don't need to spend any money on our travel. So some news from the mission. We have a new AP (Assistant to the President), I am going to be a DL/Trainer (District Leader) and my area is set up nicely for a few good baptisms, I think. Hopefully I can make this training a great experience for my new companion. I will be the trainer I always wanted. My guess is that I am training a Filipino but there are 3 foreigners coming in. I can't wait to really show him the vision of what it really means to be a missionary. A Preach my Gospel Missionary pala. I think President Peterson will make Elder Tupou Zone Leader this transfer but we don't know anything yet. I was watching those District video's (missionary training videos on and I just realized that I am not having the same mission experience as those missionaries had... I want that, but first I need a companion that is on board. Hopefully my new companion will be. Oh well, not every mission is the same. Well, those are my feelings.

Well, I am glad that everything is warming up Mom. It sounds like you guys are making lots of trip out to the Hat these days.

When does Kenzie start her job? I can't wait till she starts that up!

Actually I have been pretty healthy since I got here. No problems with heartburn at all! Must be the lack of stress!! :)

Also one of my the Filipino Elders who was a good friend of mine left the mission today. We saw him and President Peterson walking down the sidewalk with his bags as they left the mission home. He was my batch mate. He was a magician back home. I think he might of left for his girlfriend ... very sad.

Well I love you guys a lot keep up the good work back at home :) I am sorry that I wasn't able to send any photos this week. I forgot my cable back at home...I hope that your week just goes great. Remember to always be missionaries.

PS - Remember it is more fun in the Philippines, especially when your son speaks Tagalog! ha-ha!

Elder Nielson

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