Monday, September 15, 2014

A brand new Jollybee!

Ya - we had a good week. The new mission president is really pushing the missionaries hard right now. He wants every companionship in the mission to be contacting 50 people a day. That is almost impossible in my opinion. Normally I get about 10 OYM (open you mouths) per day. I had exchanges with the Zone leaders this week and we got 24 and we literally talked to everyone we could have. It is hard to get such high contact numbers here because we have so many opportunities to teach. 10 OYM per day was the mission excellence standard back with president Peterson. 
I have been trying to work stuff out with my companion this week but it is hard because he had really bad companions (other then his trainer) his whole mission and he doesn't want to change at all. So I am not to sure what to do because really, an area can't progress if only one elder wants it to.
In other news a Jolleybee is opening up here in Lopez. That means I get to eat fast food again! Winning! Lopez is a very interesting area. It is so far away from the major cities and really, there is no touristic stuff here so there is almost no Joes (white people) here. That means that I am like a super star here in Lopez! Everyone loves me here ha-ha. Girls flirt with me daily which maybe isn't that good for a missionary ha-ha. 

Ya - Elder Kikel is pretty funny ha-ha. We didn't talk about video games for a couple hours FYI ha-ha. We were stuck in the computer shop for a couple hours because our companions didn't want to get off. We just talked about what we did back home and it turns out we did pretty much the same stuff other then I did more sports and he did more working out. He played paintball and everything. We even read most of the same books. Weird ha-ha. Oh ya and his story of the puke ball is true. I was sitting right beside him on the bus and the little kids (two of them) puked like 10 times I swear. We had to lift our feet off the ground because it was seeping under our chairs! :) 

The house is ok... now. We spent a couple of hours cleaning this morning and managed to get it almost to the point where I feel comfortable. You could turn the house in to a pretty beastly haunted house if you wanted to. I will try to send some pics of it next week. That reminds me I was mopping the house and the one zone leader was washing his laundry outside and when I went out to dump all the dirty water I ended up dropping the mop bucket into his freshly washed clothing ha-ha. I felt so bad ha-ha. 

Well later tonight I have exchanges with Elder Kikel so we will see how hard working he really is ha-ha jk. I don't really want to leave my area yet on exchanges because I feel like if I left my area no work will get done. Oh well that is just the mission life I guess. I feel like the mission life is super fast. It is way faster then I would have ever expected it to be. I can burn through 3 months in what feels like 1 week. That makes it really important to not waste anytime on your mission. If you do, you will probably regret it for the rest of your life. 

Yes I did get the Dear Elder package ha-ha! Thanks, it was just what I needed. 2 pounds of candy ha-ha! They give all the packages to the zone leaders but that can only happen once per transfer so we don't get very many packages very often. 

I will send pics next week. Thanks for your pics of Miami! I am glad you had such a great trip. I think that would have been super cool ha-ha. Well I hope you continue on with Elizabeth Smart's advice and only have good days this next week.

Love you lots and stay safe.

Elder Nielson

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