Monday, September 22, 2014

Hard Work Going on in Lopez 1!!

Ako si Elder Nielson. Ako ang isang missionary dito sa Lopez. Yung ward ko ay lopez 1. naglinkod ako sa Batangas at San Pablo. Ito yun pangatlong lugar ko. Ako ang tagapaglinkod ni Jesu Cristo. Bilang mga missionaries gusto naming ibahagi ang mensahe sa lahat ng mga tao dito sa mundo. Mahirup yan. Hindi naming kaya yan. Pero, ito ang aking dakilang kagustohan.

Hope that's enough. ha-ha Well I had a good week and I even managed to send you some photos this week. It isn't a party yet but were getting close to that with the new investigators that we pulled out of the wood work this week. I did exchanges here with both my district and the zone leaders and we just tracted like bosses. I ended up getting lots done and even picked up a whole bunch of new investigators. Now that we have investigators we can always set appointments so now there is no reason to be lazy. Well that was pretty much the gist of my week. We tracted like crazy and we got lots done.

I have been trying to work out really hard lately because one of the elders has a set of Shaun T dvds "T25". It actually works great and is only 25 mins each day. Something like that would be a great thing to throw in a package :). I really am left in the dark about the natural disasters here in the Philippines haha. No one tells me anything. I knew we had a typhoon because it flooded a fair amount here in Lopez. Other then that nothing. Typhoons are a lot smaller (area wise) then I thought. Well things are going great for us in our area right now.

Hey I just found out that I have only 13 months left as of today! How crazy is that? I return as of October 21, 2015. I only have to miss 1 Halloween ha-ha. Well I hope my skin won't peel apart when I get back into a dry climate. I can't imagine that looking very appealing haha (get it? A-PEELING). Well I love you all lots.

Elder Nielson

 Recognize these two! My comps at the MTC!
 A game of Pogs! Pretty sure we are going to lose!!
A very handsome selfie!

Flooding - pretty much normal!
 My study area
 Fancy bathroom facilities! :)
 Giant bucket of ..... Not sure!
Our Kitchen
 Lopez 1st Ward Celebration
Lopez 1st Ward

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