Sunday, September 7, 2014

Reporting from Lopez

Well I am doing just fine here in Lopez. I now have five new investigators - one is a gold investigator. His name is Jun Jun and is a security guard here in Lopez. He works everyday 7am-8pm so his only problem is church. We are also teaching a little part member boy who will hopefully be baptized in the next 4 weeks.

Yes, I am Elder Kikel's district leader ha-ha. He is super funny and I don't think I have found another person that has more common with me then him. I replaced Elder Oliva and yes he didn't do anything in this area ha-ha. This was his last area in the mission and really, no work happened here. I have yet  to walk into an area with a teaching pool, so it doesn't effect me very much. But it is sad that the good elders spend their mission planting, repairing, and rebuilding and the bad elders spend their mission harvesting and destroying. Stuff like that really irks me. I know elders who have baptized 25 people and don't do anything. Well that's my rant for today.

I like the area. Lot's of super nice members here and so many part member families. There is so much work to do here that I still am having trouble figuring out what to do first.

Yes, my companion shouldn't be on Facebook and I don't know how he found you all. Oh well, that just gives you a taste of how much he cares about the rules ha-ha. At least we are working pretty hard. I am really going to step up my game with him next week. :)

Well, this week we only got three days of work in because we had a mission tour in San Pablo. Elder Bowen came and spoke to us all. It was hopefully a big waker-uper for the elders in the mission. I really enjoyed it. The doctrine was nice and deep, just the way I like it ha-ha. Oh and I have read every book in the missionary library already (including Jesus the Christ) They are super cool and I found some cool things that I still don't fully understand.

Well, I love you all a ton and I hope that you are all doing great.

Elder Nielson

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