Monday, January 12, 2015

A Day at the Zoo!

Are you friends with Elder Richards or his mom? I assume his mom because you used the word "she". Well this last week we had Mission Leadership Conference which meant that we had no work for 2 days. That's okay though, because our other days were jam packed except for Sunday. We had an area broadcast yesterday which means that all the Elders in our Zone (16 including us!!) squeezed into our little house and slept over. We also had Zone P-day today - it was pretty fun. We went to a zoo! It was more sad then happy ha-ha. It was a bunch of birds and monkeys in small cages that we could pretty much walk up to and pet ha-ha. There was also a big tiger. It's cage was a little bigger but not much! He was behind what looked like a chicken wire fence that I could walk up to and stick my hand through! I didn't though ha-ha. I was trained by my mom to be better then that! :) It was definitely no Calgary zoo. It was more of what I imagine to be a nice exotic puppy mill is, rather then zoo. 

So everyone is spending some time doing genealogy, eh? That's great! I didn't know that N. Eldon Tanner was my uncle ha-ha. That's cool. You really do learn something new each day!

Well my investigators are doing really good right now. We had several to church yesterday. We are working really hard on one family right now. The husband is abroad right now and the mom and all the kids are living here. The mom is a less active member and we were able to reactivate her mom. I think they are just a little scared to come to church or something. I need something to give them a little push. Her kids are great though, in fact the oldest one has been coming to church regularly lately. I know that if I can just get the mom to come, I can get the whole family there every week. Oh well that's just missionary life I guess. 

Well I love you a lot, miss you a ton, and things are going great here. You know, just the regular stuff. Well, have a great week. 

Elder Nielson

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