Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Do I detect a glimmer of home-sickness? Hope not!! :(

So - my New Years resolutions are to read the 4 standard works as well as the Book of Mormon in Tagalog and also restart my studies of  PMG. I also committed to writing in my journal ha-ha. I have now written in it for 4 days consistently! 

I think Elder Crichton is with Elder Richards. Or that's at least what I heard ha-ha. They should have a good time. Elder Richards is a great companion!

Sorry I can't send any pictures home... I feel bad because I am really loving all of the pictures you are sending me. I am just worried that if I plug my camera into these computers it will get virused, I know you wouldn't like that very much. Stuff like that happens all the time. Example: Elder Richards lost all of his photos for the last 3 months... How sad is that? Well anyways, I will send photos when I can :). 

Wow! I am missing so much stuff back at home ha-ha. Oh well I will be back before you know it. I can't wait to eat all the good Christmas food when I get back. That roll thing that you ate at the Hill's New Year's party is called Shanghai rolls. I don't really know why it is called that but I do love them! They go great with that tai chili sauce. Back in San Pablo I would eat at a restaurant called Ramzi and always order Chicken adobo, shanghai rolls, and 2 orders of rice. 

This is super random but I heard the song Bebot (Slang word for babae or Girl) by Black Eyed Peas the other day and I understood everything ha-ha. In fact it is all very basic Tagalog! 

Remember that time when we watched all of the James Bond movies over Christmas? - sigh......

Well this week we got flooded with new investigators. They are all really good and potential baptisms. I can't wait! For whatever reason the members just threw tons of new referrals at us. We managed to teach most of them already at least once. I can see a bright future for this area I am in. 

Well, Love you all lots. I didn't find time yet to get a new camera but I will - don't worry. 

Elder Nielson

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