Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All is Well in the Philippines!

Wish both of the girls good luck with tests and basketball! I am glad that Tori is getting good at basketball! Maybe she will be the star of some college team some day ha-ha. That would be great.

Sorry - I could only send 4 pictures over the hour that I was in that computer shop last week. Not cool. There will be no pictures this week. Actually I was building a fish pond and it was only like my second day here in Mindoro. It was pretty fun. 

They shut off the cell phones for like three days while the Pope was here. He is probably the most popular man in the world ha-ha. If you wanted to see him you had to pay. And no I did not see him!

Oh well the work out here is still going great. We actually have 3 really good investigators. The first is Roselyn. She is about 25 or so and is married and has a child. Her mom and sister are active members and they are going to church every week. The next is Joyce. We just baptized her boyfriend and all the rest of her friends are either members or investigators as well. She is super good and loves to read the Book of Mormon. She has been to church now 3 times and plans to continue. She is 18 now and the only problem is that she is hard to teach because we always need a member with us. The last really good investigator we have is James. He is about 14 now and is going to church with his grandmother who we reactivated. His mom is also a member but she is pretty difficult to get a hold of. Hopefully we will be able to help her out somehow. The rest of the people we're working with are pretty much less actives. We are also trying to find new investigators and that is going pretty good I guess ha-ha. A new thing... every Saturday now our branch puts on a big reactivation event. Lots of members come out and we all split up and go to a different Barangay (subdivision) with a list of names and we just visit everyone. It is super nice because we can cover 6 areas at once. Great way to reactivate and find new investigators. 

Well love you lots. Have a great  week. 

Elder Nielson  

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