Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Wow! I am so sad and crying right now... I hate missing Canada Day. I wore my Canada shirt that you sent me last year and even took a picture. I may not have the patriotic pride that some Americans have but hey, I still love my country. I can't tell you how many people here tell me that I should move to Utah or ask me if I have plans to live there one day or go to school there haha. Don't worry I haven't made any secret plans behind your backs. Well I am glad that you are all having a great time out there, especially with all the family that you got to hang out with. Wow, Tori and Hailey's faces haven't really changed but they look way bigger. Wow - Justin and Emalea are married! That's pretty cool. You know what? I could be married with in the next year! You could be a grandma in the next 2 years! haha. Matanda na kayo! (don't translate that :0 ). (I think this means something like - You are getting old! Thanks son!)

Hey did Jackson Toly ever get his mission call? If he has - you haven't told me where yet! Oh well. 

Well, today I had a super psycho day filled with cleaning like a crazy person. We cleaned our apartment from top to bottom! We spent almost the whole day cleaning in order to prepare for President Ardern. He should be showing up tomorrow. Boy is he really going to give it to us here in the office for only having 9 investigators in our teaching pool (none of which are progressing :( ). He also might check our apartment so now it looks spotless :). I am excited to meet him and talk to him. I also know that whatever he says to me is revelation and I should try my best to live it, no matter how hard I may think it is. 

The weather right now is a little crazy. We have a bit of a habagat (monsoon) going on and it's just dumping rain nonstop. It isn't very windy but wow is it rainy. I heard that Manila is nice and flooded like it normally is during this season haha. Oh hey, I have been using my credit card lately. Can you make sure to pay my bills? I bought 2 really nice ties earlier today and I have been pulling money out of the account every so often. 

Well It is late and I will try to send some good photos of this week. I love you all lots. I don't know if I have too much time to email anyone else tonight but know that I read your emails and that I love all of you. 

Elder Nielson 
 Happy Canada Day!! I'll be home for the next one!!
 Beautiful countryside!
 Just posing for a nice snapshot!

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