Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dreamin' About Pizza!

Wow! That pizza looks so good. The new pizza oven is super cool! I think tomorrow I am going to go out to Dominos Pizza in Lipa City and buy me some pizza ha-ha. There is a great deal out here where you can buy 1 large family pizza at 400 peso and take an extra one home with a 2L of pop. The deal is incredible haha. 

Looks like you guys had a good anniversary. Hope you had fun. I am so exited to hear all about Canada day this week. I know you guys will just have a blast. It looks like the back yard is looking really nice. That poor little tree behind the garage looks like it is doing really good now that it's not in a wind tunnel and has some good protection from the fence. Have you come up with any big plans for the summer? Or are your big plans just to work the whole time? 

Well my week went pretty good out here. I find myself really enjoying the office. I am constantly surrounded by great people so it is really cool to be out here right now. Even my companion and the APs are really cool guys. The one AP does seem a little hard to get along with at first. Let me tell you about him. His greatest heroes in life other than Jesus are Bruce R. McConkie and John Maynard Keynes. If you have ever heard of or know how those 2 men speak or act, and than you tack on a sarcastic, super confident, California boy attitude you have Elder Bryson. Ha-ha he is a great guy and one of my good friends out here. He is exactly what our mission needs right now in the form of leadership and he is super cool to have around.  

Hey dad thanks for the email. I thought uncle Kris was done with all that extreme sports stuff haha. There is a missionary out here in my mission right now who is from Draper UT and is an avid adrenaline fan. His name is Elder English. He is hugely into mountain biking, snowboarding and UFC fighting. He also wants to get into free falling when he gets back home. He has broken every bone in his body almost and has been bit by a rattle snake and stung by a scorpion and has a bunch of other crazy experiences in his life. He is a really cool guy and just from talking to him you would not ever guess that he did dumb stuff like that. He is a very soft spoken guy who never talks about anything he did back home unless prompted otherwise. He is also only 19 years old and has no blood problems unlike some other people we know... Oh well I am glad Uncle Kris is ok and that nothing too bad happened to him this week. I hope everything will be all good with him and that he won't run into any problems in surgery. 

We try to attend ward council as often as the wards out here actually hold it. Depending on how strong the leadership in the Branch or Ward is, is whether or not ward council actually happens. Sometimes WC does happen but they only talk about up coming activities and the meeting normally lasts only 15 min. What we as missionaries want to see is the ward giving their focus to missionary work at the beginning of the meeting by giving the elders time to speak about investigators and set good plans for them. This allows the elders to attend the most important part of the meeting for them, and than, if they need to, they can leave right away. When planning the other activities in the ward we also like to see that they all have missionary work in mind. Well, I still haven't really been in a really truly effective WC my whole mission but that is ok I guess. 

Well this week I got to see some crazy thunderstorms and I got to drive on some beautiful roads. It was a pretty cool week if you ask me. We also hit our all time high for lessons this week. 5! I will send some pictures of the week. 

Love you lots. 

PS - Pray that President Ardern doesn't rip my head off at mission tour... Kinda scared about that one. Only got a couple months left ha-ha. 

Elder Nielson

 Looks pretty warm down there!
 And up there!

Slightly posed?

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